Monday, November 23, 2015

1931 Roadster Restoration Project

Here's my latest project:  1931 Roadster Restoration

I received a 1931 Model T Roadster on November 2nd, 2015.  It came in on a tow truck mounted to a wooden-box dolly for easy maneuver around.  Stephen and I started by wire-brushing the entire body to knock off the rust.  Then next Stephen and I took the grinder to it all over the entire Roadster. Then we applied 2- 1/2 gallons of bondo on the entire body as owner requested.  Next, Ron molded the bondo to the groves in the body, grill, front hood and the deck lid.  After working and shaving the bondo to draw lines in the Roadster body, Ron began prepping it to be put into primed next in black primer inside and out the Roadster body.


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